Unlock the Fast Lane to Fun: All Aboard the Otaku Express from KIX to Namba!

What’s up guys and welcome to another pekopeko travel guide! This time it’s about Osaka and the incredible Nankai express train the whisks you from the airport at 120k/h from Kansai International Airport to what we believe is Japan’s hidden Otaku paradise in just 34 minutes!

It’s long been known that if you love Japanese food, then their’s no better place to go than Osaka. But did you know Osaka has one of Japan’s biggest and best Den-Den towns (Otaku town)?

In this article we’ll explore the best, fastest and most comfortable way to get there!

The Nankai Express

I don’t wanna bore you with a bunch of facts as to how this train came to be, when it was first introduced and so on, so I’ll jump straight into telling you that it’s super fast, incredibly comfortable and very classy.

This train may be built like a Gundam, but on the inside it’s fit for royalty with it’s spacious and plush interior you’ll feel like you’re floating on a cloud all the way to Otaku heaven!

The alternatives

If you’ve ever been to Osaka before, you’ll know that the most common way to get from KIX to downtown Osaka is the bus.

Japanese buses are some of the most comfortable as far as busses go. But let me tell you. Getting stuck in traffic for 2 hours will make this ride seem like the most uncomfortable experience.

It’s the cheapest option but good news, there’s never been a cheaper time to go to Japan. The Japanese Yen is the lowest it’s ever been agains the US dollar and the British Pound so you’re getting a bargain on your exchange rate now.

The view

This train has been specially designed so that you maximize your Japan viewing experience. With floor to ceiling windows as wide as the chair space, you’ll get and almost unobstructed view of the Japanese countryside as you pass by it at hurtling speeds.


Namba Nankai is one of Osaka’s most well-know landmarks and if you come out through the main entrance you’ll be placed right in the middle of downtown Namba.

Just 5 minutes walk to the Glico man sign, 6 minutes walk to Osaka’s high end fashion street Mido-Suji and just 8 minutes walk to Nipponbashi Den-Den town.

It may not be as spread out and sprawling as Akihabara and there is is no Mario Kart race through the street (Last time we checked), but the one thing you will find there is real Japanese Anime/Manga Otaku!

This street is wall to wall packed with retro video game stores, 5 floors of manga comics and even cheap Japanese electronics that you can’t find anywhere else!

The last time I was their, I bough a Fujitsu tablet with a full version of windows 7 on it for $100 USD which I later found has a universal keyboard connection system that fits 100s of cheap keyboard designs and I picked one up for just $7 USD.

The great thing about this Den-Den town is it has the best Karage Chicken shop (Chikara Meshi), an amazing local mom and pop Japanese curry house and many cafes to drink cold cocoa to cool yourself off after a whole day Otaku Shopping.

Nipponbashi Den-Den town is a great alternative to Akihabara, it has a much more local and authentic vibe and it often costs a little less too because it’s less popular and well known.

This secret hidden gem in the heart of Osaka’s south capital is just 34 minutes away from Kansai International Airport and 8 minutes walk from the station. You could be in the sweet otaku bliss of retro video games and floor to ceiling manga in just 42 minutes from when you arrive in Japan.

if you loved this guide, stay tuned for more authentic pekopeko Japan experiences and anime centric guides to the Japanese language and culture.

Thank you so much for joining us on another Japanese adventure and we look forward to seeing you on the next one.

Before you go, if you have your own Japanese experience you’d love to share with the world, tell us about it in the comment section below and who knows, we may even contact you to publish your full story here on pekopko.

Until next time, またね!


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